Agency Automation

NewsX structures and organizes your agency work in fast & flexible manner. NewsX have a central tool for producing content so users can publish their contents between multiple categories, multiple subscriber groups, for website, online, Newspaper and social media etc. Desk head can create the event and assign to Reporters/Photographers. Reporters/Photographers can see their task in assignment window and put their response accordingly. Management can get many types of graphical MIS from NewsX. NewsX has their inbuilt search engine so user can search stories through keywords, slugs or heading etc. All types of fonts (Unicode and ASCII) supported by application.

Key features

  • Structures and Organizes workflow
  • Security
  • Unicode Support
  • Content Sharing
  • News Agency Integration
  • Search facilities like: Full text search, Date wise search, Category wise search, Subscriber Type Search
  • Realtime Notification
  • Bureau Integration
  • Email Integration
  • FTP Integration
  • Local Messenger
  • RSS Content Aggregation
  • NewsX Mobile Integration
  • Social Media Integration
  • Multi Tasking
  • Administration Panel
  • MIS
  • Contact List
  • Archiving
  • Assignment Planner

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