Image Quality Enhancement Service

Our prepress solution will help increasing your printing quality and saving time and money at the same time. Whether Flexo, offset or digital printing – independent from the printing method you are working with you can meet your deadlines easier when utilizing our service.

With high level of automation, and expert panel on the Image quality & scanning, our solutions replace work-intensive manual processes in print prepress and media prepress. Our Image processing workflow runs largely automatically, throughput and production times are significantly reduced and the reliability of the service simultaneously increases output quality. The important thing here is our "Image Processing System" Workspace, which acts as the platform for the automated individual processing steps.

Our Advanced Color management algorithm allow publishers to take advantage of significant savings potentials in terms of ink costs and processing time. The quality and brilliance of images can be significantly improved using the drop-in Image Processing System .

We can help the process in print prepress with rasterization of print content images. The Digital Assessment of the images and enrichment filters help increase the quality and presentation of the content without hiring or allocating a budget for a highly qualified and experienced team of Image/Scanning Experts. We at Digital Navigation have that team to help you on the image scanning and quality grounds

Key features


  • Image Mode ( RGB / CMYK / INDEX )
  • Image Color Mode (Grayscale / Colored)
  • Image Color Channel Info (Single Channel / Multi-Channel )
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Image bit Depth (8/16/32)
  • Image Type (Jpg / Jpeg2000 / Tiff / Png / Bmp/ Gif / Tga )
  • Use Ready Status (Print Ready / Digital Use / Broadcast Quality)
  • Image size
  • Image Channel ( A-R-G-B, A-C-M-Y-K)
  • Image Area Bleed Info
  • Color Bleed Info

DIGITAL EIS (Enhancer & Improvement System )

  • Column Wise Scaling
  • Print Ready Color Enhancements
    • Highlights / Shadows / Midtones Correction
    • Gradation Curve Correction
    • Hue & Saturation Control
    • Brightness Control
    • Contrast Control
    • Sharpness Correction
  • Embedding Custom Image Profiling
  • Aspect Ratio Correction
  • Color Mode Correction
  • Bit Depth Correction

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